Grocery Shopping with Claudia

by Heidi

As we passed through the doors of the local grocery store, I wasn’t really sure what Claudia was going to show me that I didn’t already know? I mean I was pretty sure I had a solid grip on the foundational basics of eating healthy. Things like chicken is the better choice of meat, steer clear of too much cheese, whole wheat is better than white, eat your veggies and fruits and of course drink lots of water!

 Boy was I in for a surprise! Hello pride meet your fall! As we walked up and down the aisles I pointed out all the things I would normally buy. Claudia never once chastised my choices but rather gently pointed out better alternatives to the things my family liked to eat. I would like to note that she never told me to skip or avoid any certain types of food for example chips or mac-n-cheese. She simply pointed out better alternatives. She shared with me that if you can’t read all the ingredients on the label there were probably things in the food that weren’t particularly good for your body. I foolishly thought “Who has ever seen a label that can’t be read in it’s entirety. This lady is nuts!”


 We were standing in the frozen foods aisle as my mind processed “Claudia must be nuts!” Then she reached into the freezer and retrieved some Haagen-Dazs ice cream and handed me the container and said “See, on this one you can read all the ingredients listed.” I took the ice cream from her hand and looked at it. I studied the ingredient list and scratched my head. Where were all those big words that I couldn’t read. I was blown away. I guess all that thought of knowing all about healthy nutrition was not so all knowing after all.

We proceeded through the store and she pointed out healthier food choices that I had walked past a hundred times but had somehow missed. We talked about how our brains are programed and how it can be so easy to miss the better choices if you don’t know what you are looking for.

After spending a little over 2 hours I left my local grocery store with a new found sense of good nutritional knowledge. I was armed with opened eyes and an educated brain to spot the better choices, and a decent size list of healthier foods to try. Spending that afternoon at the grocery store with Claudia changed my outlook on the foods I am going to eat from here on out.





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