Health Benefits of the Ocean

by Claudia Collins


Health Benefits of the Ocean

The therapeutic benefits of a day at the beach cannot go unnoticed! The natural elements sand, surf, and sun have always been major reasons why people have longed to build their homes along the shores of the clear, blue ocean. The sounds, smells, and sights that are witnessed on the water’s edge always seem to offer a relief from our daily tensions and instill a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

The Sand

Walking barefoot on white, sandy beaches is almost addictive, feeling the squishing sensation of the sand between our toes. It is like walking on a cloud. But many are completely unaware that this form of exercise is perhaps one of the best for the lower body. It tones your legs and buttocks while providing a cushion that reduces stress on the joints. Running on the beach is a very popular training method for professional athletes of all kinds of sports.

The Surf

We all feel a sense of awe and wonder when we hear the gentle sounds of the ocean waves. The surf has long been a remedy for those suffering from insomnia, acting as a sort of natural sleeping pill. Swimming provides a terrific overall workout as well. It actually takes nearly every muscle in the human body to swim. This is a major reason why all of our Olympic swimmers and divers have such great physiques.

The Sun

Basking in the sunshine of the beach has always been a popular pastime. The energy of the sun provides us with a revitalizing and re-energizing affect, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Believe it or not, there is scientific evidence to support this fact. Sunlight provides us with a natural resource for Vitamin D. A day at the ocean with Vitamin D streaming down can provide an essential ingredient that enhances our immune system while also helping us to fight everything from heart disease to arthritis and osteoporosis.


One of the most frustrating problems with the exercise routines is that, after reaching a certain point, every exercise tends to get boring, and this boredom is majorly responsible for the failure of many training programs. This situation is certain to de-motivate even the most fanatical trainee. So, what should be the viable solution? How to keep the boredom out of your exercise programs? If you are also struggling with these questions, then here is good news for you. There is a training technique that can keep you excited, thrilled and motivated during your whole training program. The technique is called interval training. If you haven’t heard about it before, just remember that it can help you to a great extent to reach your fitness goals much faster than you have ever imagined.

When it comes to interval training, more than the exercises it is the technique that matters. Before going any further, let me introduce you the two most salient aspects of interval training; Recover and Intensity. Recovery is much powerful because when you give your muscle a sufficient time to recover, only then they will show any growth. Intensity is of course extremely relevant to stimulate your muscles for anabolism and hypertrophy. In interval training, we go in-between in these two extreme levels. So, if one point of time, we are getting trained with high intensity exercises, at the other point, we just slowed down to the minimum level to get recovered. Since this transition from the highest intensity level to the lowest intensity occurs very quickly, it keeps the boredom at bay. You can add to the excitement of interval training by having headphones to play your favorite tracks that complement this type of training.

Now the question arises, is it actually worth to spend time and efforts on interval training or the most importantly; does it truly provides the results? Well, the answer is; yes, this is one of the most effective types of training techniques to get results. The truth is; there is no other training technique that can match the fat burning power of interval training. According to a recent study it was found that the trainees who had done interval training, which consists of high intensity workouts followed by cycling and resting, have shown the increased aerobic capacity by as much as 15%, they have also increased the fat burning capacity of their body by 35% and have shown an increase of 25% in the aerobic enzymes. Not only that; the trainees who have gone through the interval training for two weeks have shown a phenomenal trait in their body’s biological system. Normally, when we perform any type of cardiovascular exercise, our body uses glycogen to power our muscles. The success of any aerobic training program depends on this stored glycogen. In simpler terms, we should always aim to preserve this glycogen to make our training programs much more long-lasting and result oriented. Moreover, the trainees who went through 2 weeks of interval training programs have shown lesser requirements for glycogen in their training cycles. That’s an astonishing discovery, and it can play a significant role in making your exercise routines much more productive.

In my opinion, intense but short interval training sessions are recommended for everyone, four days a week. This will not only help you to get rid of that stubborn fat, but it can also do wonders to your metabolism


I have discovered mine is hiking. There is a part of me that seeks adventure and is a major risk taker. Scrambling over rocks and going higher and higher just does it for me! When I reach a summit I feel a physical high and an amazing emotional boost! A feeling of complete confidence! I love to hike.

I recently bought a book called “60 hikes within 60 miles of Phoenix” and have picked out my next 20 hikes to conquer! Not only am I exercising I am feeling really great about it!

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